Thursday, November 29, 2007

Think For Yourselves

So I have decided to take this blog into my own hands, forget the side project for a Journalism class. That project is gone. Nobody I know currently knows about this or will read this if I tell anyone about it. I'm in obscure anonymity. This is more about voicing and expressing myself, regardless of the fact that no one will hear it. Maybe a few of you might chance upon it. If you do, I encourage you to give feedback, communicate, and express yourself.

Well here's whats going on in my life. Next two weeks are the last of this school semester. Which should be stressful and amusing. Over the course of these two weeks I will remain completely broke, due to debt and lack of hours from my place of work.

But all that is irrelevant. I want to see if anyone is reading. So I pose this tired old question: What should this country do about Gay Marriage. I had to sit down about four years ago and ask myself this. And I realized that the answer comes from a person's philosophy on life. I believe in love more than anything save perhaps music. And to stop two people from having a fulfilling relationship because they are different from me, is wrong. But in the same regard, marriage is a bond that is founded in religion. The fact the United States every thought that it could regulate "marriage licenses" is a crock of shit. Marriage itself is a religious bond and should be based upon the terms of the specific religion(s) that couple has adopted. Which is why no one should be able to get "marriage licenses" from their state governments, but only the civil unions that allow couples to bind themselves in a business, legal, and titular sense. This way the conservative critics can quiet their bitching about if gays are allowed to get married then humans and animals will be allowed to. I know of no religion that sanctions this practice. The government will certainly not allow a civil union to a being that not comprehend such. And if Larry likes his pet ostrich that much, it's really not my business. Just make sure it's consensual I guess.

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